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Location: Russia, Saint-Petersburg

Dear all. My name is Sevastyanov Anton. I have been creating integrated engineering solutions for industrial enterprises for more than 15 years: from design to preparation for commissioning. The portfolio includes woodworking enterprises (for the production of pellets, veneer and plywood), power supply systems, automation and dispatching systems for equipment of various industries, solid fuel (biofuel) and gas boilers, substations up to 110 kV and many other facilities.


  • Project management
  • Engineering
  • Construction of industrial facilities
  • Design and manufacture of electrical equipment



  • SPbGUAP: instrument engineering
  • SPbGASU: construction
  • INTUIT: Programming
  • City Business School: MBA
  • Candidate of Technical Sciences


  • LTD "EA-Technologies"
  • LTD "Electroautomatica"
  • LTD "Promcomplect-engineering"
  • PLC "Vologda Bearing Plant"


2015 September

Technical Director production and engineering companies, Chief Project Engineer (engineering and design)

Managing the engineering staff of the company, determining the technical appearance for the result of projects, planning and building processes for creating products and providing services, ensuring their implementation in accordance with contractual obligations. Managing individual key projects as a chief engineer.

RFP-Group Group of companies (Khabarovsk), LLC IC "FLAGSHIP", JSC "CBK "Kama", LLC "Novolyalinsky CBK", LLC "RK-Grand" (Pulp mill "Pitkyaranta"), LLC "Kronostar", LLC "Murashinsky plywood Plant", LLC "Ustyansky timber complex", LLC "Asia Forest", JSC "LOTEK", LLC "Artan Electric" for CJSC "Norilsk Nickel", Plytechnik Luft- und Feuerungstechnik GmbH, LLC "Kronoshpan", JSC "Uglovsky lime Plant", CJSC "Arkhangelsk Plywood Plant", LLC "Greencarbon", LLC "Siberian Fuel pellets", LLC Syktyvkar Plywood Plant, CJSC Roskar Poultry Farm, SVEZA Group of companies, etc.

2011 November

Deputy Technical Director for Engineering

Management of project teams for the design of industrial facilities (individual workshops, boiler rooms, power supply systems, including GPP-110/10kV). Project management as a chief engineer. Work with Volkswagen Group Rus LLC, Urgalugol OJSC (SUEK), Karelian Okatysh OJSC, NG-Energo CJSC, Severstal OJSC, Syktyvkar Plywood Plant LLC, Stalemal LLC, LOTEK OJSC, Ilim Bratsk DOCK LLC, OJSC Poultry farm "Sheksninskaya", CJSC "Eco-Energetics", JSC "Akron", etc.

2008 May

Head of the Design Department

Management of the department of creation of power supply and automation systems for industrial enterprises. Development of relevant sections of project and working documentation. Release of design documentation for the production of complete transformer substations, High-voltage devices, Low-voltage complete devices, MCC, automation cabinets. Customers: CJSC "MZ "Petrostal" (Kirov plant), JSC "Mondi Syktyvkar LPC", group of companies "SVEZA", Industrial Group "Phosphorite", etc.

2007 April

Design engineer, programmer

Development of power supply projects for industrial enterprises, automatic control systems for the companies CJSC "MZ "Petrostal" (Kirov Plant), LLC "President-Neva", CJSC "Poultry Farm Roskar". Creation of software and measurement complexes for automatic control and control systems of technological equipment for CJSC "MZ "Petrostal" (Kirov plant).

2006 March

Design Engineer

Design of transformer substations, low-voltage power equipment, control panels for the companies of JSC Severstal, CJSC MZ Petrostal (Kirov Plant), LLC President-Neva, JSC Mondi Syktyvkar LPC, JSC Pulp Mill Pitkyaranta, Phosphorite Industrial Group, JSC Akron, SVEZA Group of companies, etc.


Researcher, engineer

Development of software and hardware complexes for diagnostics of industrial equipment, creation of databases, software shells for quality control systems. Scientific and inventive activity. Work with LLC "Baltech", CJSC "Vologda Bearing Plant".



I have been working in engineering positions for so many years.

140000+ km

Such a distance has been overcome on business trips around Russia and the world.


I have been holding senior positions for so many years

50+ worker

In operational management


At the same time, projects are under management at different stages.


The number of completed orders/projects for various industries in the amount of over 4,122 million dollars throughout Russia.



Design work

Engineering, general design, development of design and working documentation for all industries.


Industrial construction

General contract in terms of construction, reconstruction, technical re-equipment of factories, plants, factories.


Technological solutions

Adaptation of foreign technologies, development of non-standard technological sites in woodworking (production of veneer, plywood, fuel pellets).

Automation of technological processes

Automatic process control

Projects on automation of technological solutions for all areas of industrial production.

Power supply

Power supply and production of equipment for it

Creation of power supply systems, production of electrical installations.


Biofuel energy centers, boiler houses

Creation of energy centers, biofuel boiler.


• General design of production of birch shelled veneer 55,000 m3/year and plywood 45,000 m3/year, Perm;
• General design of a plant for the production of 135,000 tons/year of fuel pellets in Amursk for RFP Group LLC, Khabarovsk;
• Design of 110/10kV external and internal power supply systems with a capacity of 50 MW for the production of lumber and wood pellets for LLC GC ULK Arkhangelsk;
• Design of a 10/0.4 kV on-site electricity distribution system with a design capacity of 140 MW for the Primorsky CPC (general design organization of Onego Shipping LLC), St. Petersburg;
• General design of a 67.2 MW gas thermal power plant, including 5 MW for LOTEK JSC, Kingisepp;
• Design of steam conversion station, main steam pipeline, steam boiler 2x10 tons of steam per hour of JSC "CBK "Kama", Perm;
• Design of expansion of production of resins FA / CFK, production of formalin for LLC "Kronoshpan", Yegoryevsk;
• and others.

Архитектурно-строительное проектирование

Строительно-монтажные работы


• The device of the power supply system for LLC "Parfinsky plywood mill";
• Construction of production of OSB plates for LLC "DNS FOREST", Spassk-Dalny;
• Construction of the 6 kV power supply system of the paper production shop No. 2 for LLC Sukhonsky KBK;
• Installation of the power supply system of the lumber production under construction with a design capacity of 200 thousand cubic meters for LLC Asia Forest of the Khabarovsk Territory;
• Installation of production lines: SPRINGER sorting of dry lumber for CJSC Novoeniseysky Forestry Complex (Krasnoyarsk Territory), HEKOTEK sorting of logs for JSC Lesplitinvest;
• Construction and installation works at the installation of boiler houses, technological equipment, power supply facilities…


• Creation of a dispatching, telemechanics and electricity metering system at GPP-110/10kV and RP-6kV for the Talnakh Processing Plant of CJSC Norilsk Nickel;
• Creation of the power supply system of the canteen of the automobile plant for Volkswagen Group Rus LLC, Kaluga;
• Creation of an external power supply system for the production of pellets for JSC "Lesosibirsky LDK No. 1" Segezha Group (Lesosibirsk);
• Creation of an electricity supply system for the production of lumber, fuel pellets for Asia Forest LLC (Berezovy settlement, Khabarovsk Territory);
• Creation of a 6 kV power supply system for the paper production shop for Sukhonsky KBK LLC (Sokol);
• Manufacture and supply of KTP, KTPB for new capacities of JSC "Urgalugol", Chegdomyn (JSC "SUEK");
• Reconstruction of substation PS-35/6kV for JSC "Vologda OblEnergo", Vologda;
• Manufacture and supply of KTPB for the expansion of the Punginsky field for Gazprom OJSC (general contractor Energogaz LLC);
• Production and delivery of KTP for JSC Severstal (Cherepovets);
• Manufacture, installation, commissioning of KTP, KTPB, NKU and other electrical equipment for LLC "Siberian fuel pellets" (Ust-Kut, Igirma), for LLC "Ustyansky timber industry complex" (Arkhangelsk), LLC "Parfinsky plywood Mill" (Parfino), for JSC "Poultry Farm Roskar" (Pervomayskoye); for LLC "Tetra Engineering" (St. Petersburg); for LLC "Okulovskaya Paper Mill" (Okulovka), for LLC "GC Doohan" (Moscow), for JSC "Mondi SLPK" (Syktyvkar); for JSC "Severstal" (Cherepovets); for JSC "Poultry farm "Sheksninskaya" (Sheksna); for CJSC "Lesozavod 25" (Arkhangelsk);
• and others.

Production of transformer substations and panel products



• Construction of biofuel steam and hot-water boilers of POLYNECHNIK (Austria) up to 32 MW of thermal capacity for LLC RFP Group, CJSC Arkhangelsk Plywood Plant, LLC LPC Sever, GC Velsky Les, for CJSC Plitspichprom, for LLC Lezozavod Sudoma, etc.;
• Design and construction of AXIS INDUSTRIES steam biofuel boiler house (Lithuania) for RK-Grand LLC (Pitkyaranta);
• Design and construction of a steam biofuel boiler cell
• Design of a POLYNECHNIK biofuel steam boiler house (Austria) with a thermal capacity of 2x7 MW for Murashinsky Plywood Plant LLC, Kirovsk;
• and others.


• Creation of automated control systems for Valon Kone debarking machines for LLC "Ilim Bratsk DOCK" (Bratsk), for
• Creation of automated control systems for cutting and laying raw veneer lines for Technoles M LLC (Moscow),
• Creation of automated control systems for peeling machines for Syktyvkar Plywood Plant LLC (Syktyvkar),
• Creation of an automated control system for Danstoker steam boilers and a system of general-purpose equipment for Arkhangelsk Plywood Plant CJSC, Arkhangelsk;
• The device of PTC automated control system, control, regulation, emergency protection of a gas-diesel power plant for OAO Severalmaz GOK diamond deposit named after M. V. Lomonosov (general contractor of CJSC NG-Energo);
• Creation of an automated control system for the production of ground lime (including mine furnaces, mills) for JSC "Uglovsky lime Plant", Uglovka;
• Modernization of automated control systems and dispatching of water intake wells for Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Borovichi Vodokanal", Borovichi;
• Automated control system of the gas preparation and distribution point for OAO Gazstroydetal (Tver);
• Creation of automated control systems with steam-screw power plants PVM-500, 1000 for LLC "ZIOSAB-DAEDALUS" (St. Petersburg);
• Automated control system of the digitizing node for IKEA Industry Tikhvin LLC (Tikhvin);
• Parameter control systems for metallurgical production (rolling mill temperature control, charge weighing, etc.) for JSC "Petrostal Metallurgical Plant" (St. Petersburg);
• and others.;


Project documentation


Knowledge in technical fields, experience in engineering (development and design), work with regulatory and technical documentation in force in the Russian Federation, development of enterprise standards, technical specifications for products. Strategy development, product and quality management. Negotiation skills, mentoring.

Resources: life management system, knowledge base, project archive, project documentation development procedures, library of implemented projects.

• St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, specialty, diploma topic "Quality control of large-sized bearings".
• PhD thesis defense at St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television "Development of virtual diagnostic tools for audio-visual equipment actuators". Patents for inventions.
• Professional retraining at St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering under the program: Industrial and Civil Engineering. The topic of the diploma: "Organization of the construction of an extension with a boiler cell to the CHP".
• Professional retraining in the Autonomous non-profit organization of additional professional education "City Business School" according to the program: Master of Business Administration. The topic of the diploma: "Development of a management system for a production and engineering company <...>".
• Professional retraining at the "National Open University "INTUIT" according to the program: Programming". Diploma topic: "Database development <...>"

Professional development:
• Construction safety. Construction safety and quality of installation and commissioning works by types of equipment and software.
• Preparation of project documentation for capital construction projects. Organization of preparation of project documentation.
• Preparation of project documentation for capital construction projects. Preparation of projects of internal power supply systems, dispatching, automation, management of engineering systems of internal and external low-current systems and networks.
• Conducting energy surveys in order to increase energy efficiency and energy conservation.
• Inspection of the technical condition of buildings and structures.
• Basic course EPLAN Electric P8.

Additionally: V group on electrical safety of administrative and technical personnel, industrial safety certifications.

Conducting seminars for the St. Petersburg Power Engineering Institute of Advanced Training of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation: "Vibration diagnostics of rotating mechanisms of power equipment".


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